Public Transport Contracting

Public Transport Contracting

Paratransit Business Model Improvement - Kampala, Uganda

Urban Mobility

Urban Mobility Improvement

Exploring Readiness to Change - Kigali, Rwanda

Implementing BRT Services

Implementing BRT Services

Facilitating Paratransit Based BRT operations - Cape Town, South Africa

Scheduled Services

Introducing Scheduled Services

Progression from Unscheduled to Scheduled Services - Kigali, Rwanda

Paratransit Business Model Improvement

Paratransit Business Model Improvement

From Individual Target to Collective Ownership and Formal Conditions of Service

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Organisation Development and Change Management Consultancy specialising in Strategy and Complex Change Processes focused on Urban Mobility Improvements.

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Organisation Development Africa (ODA) is a privately-owned strategy and change management consultancy specialising in complex, large-scale institutional change processes focussing on the public transport and paratransit sectors.

ODA has extensive experience in the private and public sectors and in working at the public – private interface. The company grew out of a number of business initiatives spanning more than two decades, and combines the skills, networks and knowledge capital of some of Africa’s leading practitioners in the fields of business strategy, organisation development, human resource management and paratransit reform.

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